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NaNoWriMo has been an interesting experience for me. As my earlier blog posts show, I’ve been a participant for several years, without showing any results. Finally, in 2013 when I gave it my all, I finished my novel and achieved my target word count within the time frame. It was such an eye opener for me!

What I Learned from  NaNoWriMo 2013

keepcalmandwrite50kI learned so many things — both about myself, and about the need for discipline in my writing career.

But most of all, I thrived on the accountability factor that NaNoWriMo creates — that your stats are out there, visible for people, and to yourself.

And I felt like I was part of a group of other writers like me, who were putting finger to keyboard and type-type-typing away to reach the goal of 50K words by the end of the month.

Suddenly, I felt as if I wasn’t alone. I belonged.

A Quick Flashback

Jump CoverThe novel I wrote back then, well, over these past years I’ve put it away, and picked it up and put it through 2 rounds of edits.

Two more rounds of edits and polishes later, I plan to actually publish it. If the muhurat is right, it may happen anytime before the year ends.

It is totally exciting.

Parallel Storylines

Along with the NaNoWriMo novel, I shall also be doing 2 more things.

  1. I shall be participating in the #writerstarotchallenge on Instagram. You can read all about it here.
  2. I shall be editing the novel I mentioned before — the one that I wrote during  NaNoWriMo 2013 and making it ready for publication.

All of this along with my other daily activities and readings and such. It certainly looks like an interesting month.

Plotting and Pantsing

pantsLast time, I discovered the advantage of plotting less and pantsing more. I am most certainly not advocating one over the other — that is one argument I do not want to get into. 🙂

However, the more I write, (NaNoWriMo or not), I discover that plotting and planning every last scene down to its tiniest detail is perhaps not the way I should be going. In fact, I seem to do much better when I have a rough, general idea of what the story is all about, and I start writing with that very bare-bones skeleton.

Rewrites Are Also Writes Because…

I am rewriting the whole thing from scratch. Back to the drawing board and all that. Changing the ages of the characters, and tightening the plot and deleting some plot elements, and changing some plot elements totally.

Rewrites are good, right?

Tarot Cards Are Awesome Of Course!

The last time round, I reached for my cards every time I was confused, in trouble, or totally lost for plot. And it helped me so much! Therefore I am going to totally embrace that method this time round.

I’m going to use The Steampunk Tarot created by Barbara Moore — because it totally captures the feel of the novel. I am not sure if the novel I am writing ought to be classified as ‘Steampunk‘ per se, but from what I’ve written and felt so far, it may very well be. The images totally capture the energy of the novel.

In fact, all I’ve done is pull the cards in a simple spread. I plan to pull more cards and do more spreads as needed as I go along. And, just for fun and kicks, I made this book cover for the book which I put up on the NaNoWriMo Website.

So here it is:

Plus, I have this Pinterest Board where I am pinning all my inspirational images. Check it out if you want.

Follow Madhavi Ghare’s board NaNoWriMo 2015 Inspirations on Pinterest.


I will be updating you with my NaNo story as it progresses. But apart from that, I do plan on writing more on this blog. Not just NaNo times, but other times as well.

Pray that it happens!

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