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My Stories. An Invitation into My Imagination.

Madhavi Ghare


Storyteller. Author. Tarot-ista. Avid WordPress-er. Apple Fangirl. Mind Mapper. NOT a Coder.

Madhavi’s done a little bit of many things: she studied Economics, worked as an office assistant, worked in a call center for a bank, dabbled in copywriting for an ad agency, read and taught Tarot, and freelanced as a web content writer.

In the end, she decided to face her fears and take the leap and to put her stories out there – the ones that she’d been secretly writing for all those years. Even her cards agreed that it was about time that she did.

Madhavi loves all kinds of Music, Mind Mapping, Journaling, Mythology, Psychology, WordPress, Anime, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and all of her Apple devices. She regularly binge watches Netflix and Korean dramas, while enjoying her coffee and green tea. She loves everything to do with stories and storytelling.

She’s got websites up at and and here simply because she likes making them and writing stuff on them when she feels like it. But you can connect with her on FaceBook, Instagram and on You TubeFollow her on her Amazon Author Page to be updated of her new releases as they come out.

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